SmithyBlandford & Sturminster Newton

Smithy is a larger than life character but with a very a sensitive side. Smithy came to us early this year having spent most of the time living outside and needing to lose a lot of weight. He adapted quickly to life in a pen, friendly with his fosterers 6-year-old child, husband and dog although pen life did not help his waistline.

He was homed quickly although unfortunately despite looking like a tough and rugged chap he proved to be a sensitive sole and did not bond with his new owner. On his return his weight had increased even further and was suffering with a urinary tract infection.

He moved indoors with his fosterer to aid his weight loss and find out who the real Smithy was. He is an independent boy who will allow you to stroke him when he feels like it and will spend hours sitting on window sills looking out of the window or asleep on a chair. He is not a lap cat, totally ignores his foster mum's dog. He has been known to bat a leg with his paws if you pass him and will tolerate being picked up but is NOT a cat who wants constant attention.

Mr Independent however is a bit of a stress bunny the vets have recommended he stay on his urinary diet over the next few months whilst he settles into a new home, any new owner will need to continue with his weight loss, he still needs to lose another kg. Smithy would love a home where he could roam outside but knows he can come in to eat and sleep with the added addition of a few strokes and hugs if he feels like it!

A fuller write up on Smithy is available please ask if you would like to see it.

Gender Male
Age 9
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black
Can live with cats No
Can live with dogs Yes
Can live with a family Yes
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside No
Feral cat No

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